It is official.

Hey guys,
I’m going big – well bigger than before. As you know I’ve been active on my Two Bees Quilting Facebook page, well this is my official website. Of course, the website is in the works. It’s a platform for those who don’t have Facebook to reach me for my services. I am super excited about this new venture. If you are following on Facebook, PLEASE subscribe to my updates on my website or check in for new things happening soon. Thank you for being part of my journey.

-Cindy Bernier, Two Bees Quilting

It has begun

Hello everyone, Cindy here! I am so excited to share that I will begin to make custom quilts and sell some of my work. I have a Nolting Longarm machine and I’m qualified to help you purchase your own as well as help you put it together. Quilting has changed my life, I love it so much. Stippling will also be a service that I will offer, you piece your quilt together and I will stipple it for you! Thank you so much for supporting my business.